With many different energy resources available for consumption and usage, knowing the advantages of each is essential in being a smart energy customer. Listed below are four tips to help steer you through the benefits natural gas use has more than other energy resources like coal or oil.

Natural gas is affordable.In most areas, natural gas may cost less than power to heat your home and the water you use. It can also be half as expensive as coal or oil for the very same tasks. By heating your home with natural gas instead of non-gas resources, you could potentially save more than $5,700 on average over 15 years after making the change. In addition to those savings, appliances using natural gas often have much lower operating costs than non-gas appliances, so making the switch to natural gas can save you even more.

Natural gas is better for the environment than other fossil fuels.

While natural gas isn’t quite as clean as wind or solar power, it is the cleanest fossil fuel energy supply available. According to the Florida Natural Gas Association, 3,000 lbs of carbon dioxide have been kept from the atmosphere for each home that employs a tankless water heater instead of a heater powered by another supply. Natural gas also emits little to no sulfur, meaning it’s eco-friendlier and operates more efficiently than other fuels.
Natural gas is more dependable.
When heavy storms strikes and your power goes out, depending upon water heaters, lights and HVAC systems that run on electricity means that you are stuck with the bare minimum before the electricity comes back on. With natural gas, that’s not the situation. And because your water is heated without power, you don’t have to lose this comfort in a crisis.

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