PrePayPower ups its Costs by 3.9Percent

The changes will come into position on 1st April, the identical day as the current Electric Ireland cost increase comes into effect.
What is increasing? PrePayPower is raising its gas and power costs by 3.90 percent.
The cost changes imply a client’s average gas bill increases by approximately $35 annually and also a normal power bill by about $50 each year.
Just One of Several
It’s been a rough couple of months generally for energy clients and this is actually the next provider to up its prices this week .
So with the majority of its peers hiked their costs before Christmas to represent increased energy costs, the current announcement from PrePayPower seemed almost inescapable.
A spokesman for PrePayPower said:”We introduced the cost freeze to present our clients certainty throughout the winter when energy usage is greatest.
But wholesale electricity costs continue to grow and we don’t have any choice now but to raise costs from 1st April. We’re are the last significant provider to declare this kind of increase.”
For a more comprehensive explanation as to the reason why costs are continuing to grow, have a look at this manual we wrote .

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