Only Energy to Depart the Irish Sector

If you are a client of Only Energy then the firm should contact you at the coming months to inform you all of your choices and also the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) has stated that it will”utilize the provider to guarantee a smooth transition for the clients”.

But in case you’ve been with the business for more than a year then you are probably from contract so that you ought to check at changing to some other provider today.
It is super fast and simple to change energy supplier and it could be done online in the area of a couple of minutes on together with our electricity price comparison service. At the moment you can save $400 a year on average in your energy bills only by shifting and it is going to save you the annoyance of needing to perform it last minute once the provider completely stops operations.
Considering that the Irish energy market has been fully deregulated many years back, many new players have entered the gas and power marketplace.

Including Only Energy, there are currently 10 providers competing here.
However, there are rumours that more new providers could enter Ireland over the coming months and you will be the first to learn about it on should they perform.

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