No April Fools as over 1 million energy customers to see larger bills from Monday

A couple weeks back Electric Ireland and PrePayPower both declared that they would be raising their gas and power costs having suspended them over the wintertime. At this time you can save $400 per year on average on your power costs simply by comparing and shifting your gas and electricity providers. So why don’t you give it a go with all our energy price comparison service.
Another method to reduce your energy bills would be to eat less. You can achieve it by figuring out which appliances in your house use the most energy and looking for ways to lower your intake.
Utilizing intelligent thermostat and heating systems such as the Hive, Nest and Climote are fantastic for this and will supply you with invaluable insights into your electricity usage, where you’re able to achieve savings in addition to letting you control your heating from beyond your home.

Finally it’s possible to look at ways to create your house more energy-efficient. For instance placing in solar panels installing loft or wall insulation.
Get changing
Do not put up with increasing costs. Switch providers now and begin saving.

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