BEenergy Starts new 2-year fixed Power tariff

BEenergy have shaken the market by establishing a brand new two-year fixed power tariff which should attract clients that are concerned about rising energy rates.
Energy costs have been rising for the previous two decades and the majority of people are most likely feeling the bite in their own pockets. However, what if you can lock in the cost of your power in a guaranteed rate for a couple of decades?
Input BEenergy using their brand new two-year fixed power tariff.
As its name implies, with this agreement the cost of your power is fixed for a couple of decades and can be guaranteed not to grow. Therefore, even if energy costs continue to go up, you will enjoy the exact same rate during the whole two decades of your contract.
Who’s this bargain accessible to?
The bargain is offered to all new power customers in addition to present BEenergy clients that are out of contract.
BEenergy now just provide power and electricity, which means you will want to go elsewhere for today if you are trying to change gas supplier.
More option for consumers.

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